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Comfort Food, Not Comfort Eating

Comfort Food, Not Comfort Eating

As people reach the elderly age, they may find food bland and tasteless. They will have changes in their appetite that may result in inadequate nutrition. And this is the reason why providers of Homemaker Services in Minnesota need to do meal planning to provide the nutritional needs of the elderly.

Food can bring comfort to people – but that doesn’t mean they have to engage in comfort eating. Comfort eating is different from eating comfort food – the latter are foods that create nostalgia and relive our memories from the past – while the former means eating and drinking food that brings you comfort, including unhealthy stuff like burgers, fries, cakes, soda, and others.

Indulgence in these sugar, sodium and preservative-rich foods may lead to obesity and other health concerns such as hypertension, diabetes, kidney issues, among others. Those are what caregivers who provide Senior Care Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota, prevent by creating a meal plan that fits senior citizens. They have to consider existing and potential health concerns.

Let Angels Assisted Living, Inc. be your second home. We can handle your daily personal and health care needs, including routine monitoring of doctors and nurses, food planning services, eating assistance, and more. We aim to provide comfort to every senior under our Assisted Living Facility. Check the Services and Amenities tab on this website for more information about our agency.

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