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Receiving Dementia Care in a Caregiving Facility


A lot of adults aged 65 and above are diagnosed with dementia. It is a complex medical condition and its symptoms are associated with memory deterioration, which can endanger patients and lead to the development of severe illnesses. To avoid the risks, most families in Minnesota choose to entrust their loved ones with dementia in an assisted living facility.

Patients in residential care are attended to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their needs are met, and skilled professionals make certain that they stay healthy and comfortable. It also gives families peace of mind that someone is looking out for their aging loved one’s best interests.

Angels Assisted Living, Inc. offers high-end services. Our facility has the most reliable senior care services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is safe and run by competent staff who have been trained to offer sensitive care. All of our residents, even those suffering from dementia, are treated with dignity. They are also monitored on a regular basis, and their relatives are kept up to date.

Our residents receive homemaker services in Minnesota. They are also free to walk around the garden, with the assistance of our skilled staff. They can also participate in engaging social activities such as playing games and puzzles and celebrating holidays. We also welcome guests and urge family members to visit on a frequent basis. We think that our facility should serve as a second home for our residents, therefore we strive to create a homey atmosphere for them.

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Eligibility for Senior Care

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