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Why Social Interaction Is Important to Seniors


Social interaction is the social exchange and encounters among individuals. And while it may seem insignificant to a person’s life, it is, in fact, a contributory factor to overall wellness and a sound mental health. And yes, seniors need social interaction too!

As means to enlighten, as well as to encourage seniors to break social barriers and interact with other people, an assisted living facility has laid out the reasons why social interaction is highly crucial:

  • It Beats Loneliness.

    Aging is often associated with loneliness due to situational changes that occur as the years go by. However, with regular social interaction, a senior can retain their sense of belongingness, as well as combat feelings of loneliness and isolation.

  • It Reduces Stress.

    Interacting with others releases endorphins and other happy hormones, which effectively reduce stress. And with stress at bay, you reduce your risks of depression and other mental illnesses.

  • It Helps Improve Brain Function.

    Being around others has positive impacts on seniors as social interaction can motivate them to continue learning and practicing their cognitive and communication skills. Social connections also help improve memory retention!

If you wish to provide such benefits for yourself or your senior loved one, please feel free to get in touch with Angels Assisted Living, Inc. Here, we offer quality senior care services in Minneapolis, Minnesota that includes companionship and personal care services.

We also have registered nurses who can help ensure your health!

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