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A Tidy Home Is a Safe Home


An unkempt and untidy home can pose several hazards for the elderly. Because seniors may not be as quick on their feet as they used to, fall and trip hazards and other obstacles that lay scattered around the house may be a threat for them. We know these because we have years of providing Senior Care Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Other examples of how clutter and untidiness can be a hazard for the elderly include:

  • They may find it challenging to navigate their homes with all the clutter.
    Because of this, they may trip or fall, resulting in broken bones and hospital visits.
  • Too much clutter at home can be a fire hazard.
    Paper, boxes, and others are flammable. Moreover, too much of them may block the exits.
  • Untidiness and clutter may also mean that seniors haven’t cleaned their homes.
    As such, there might be week-old food, undone dishes, and dust everywhere that can attract bugs and other pests.
  • We want our loved ones to be safe at home.
    For this reason, we should make sure their surroundings free from these hazards. Moreover, we can also benefit from Homemaker Services in Minnesota that can help in keeping the house clean, tidy, and safe.

There are more ways to improve our elderly loved ones’ quality of life at home. But if you find that they need additional care and oversight, we at Angels Assisted Living, Inc. can make your loved one feel at home at our Assisted Living Facility. We have a variety of services that are beneficial for them. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to send us a message at

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