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Promoting Good Nutrition in the Elderly


Aging can pose several challenges, one of which is insufficient nutrition. Seniors don’t have energy like they used to. And because of that, they may find the process of preparing and making meals troublesome. So, they may prefer convenient meals, which may not have the necessary nutrients they need.

As an Assisted Living Facility, we list down some ways for the elderly to get their daily vitamins and nutrients:

  • Eat a wide variety of food.
    Different foods contain different vitamins and minerals. That is why eating varied foods can help the elderly obtain the needed nutrients. They can start by eating everything in the color of the rainbow. Some examples of different colored foods include:
    • watermelon and tomato for red,
    • sweet potatoes and bananas for yellow,
    • broccoli and avocado for green,
    • purple cabbage and eggplant for blue and purple,
    • beets for dark red; and
    • mushrooms and garlic for white and brown
  • Drink healthy beverages.
    The elderly can get their nutrients from fruit or vegetable juices. Moreover, they can also opt for fruit or vegetable smoothies, soups, milk, and other drinks. A provider of Homemaker Services in Minnesota can help prepare healthy and nutrient-rich beverages and foods for them. Getting additional help will ensure the elderly won’t stress over preparing them.

Seniors’ health and nutrition are serious matters. For this reason, we at Angels Assisted Living, Inc., a provider of Senior Care Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota, can prepare delicious and nutritious meals, drinks, and snacks for everyone in our care. If you want to know more about our different services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 612-886-3455!

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