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Ensuring Safety: Here’s What You Can Do

ensuring-safety-heres-what-you-can-doWith prone-to-pain backs, wobbly joints, and age-related that can impede mobility, your senior loved ones may be more at risk of slips, trips, and falls that can lead to grave injuries. That is why providers of senior care services in Minneapolis, Minnesota, strongly recommend minimizing safety hazards to ensure safety.

If you have a senior at home, here are things you should do to ensure safety:

  • Keep Your Home Clutter-Free.
    A clean home is a safe home. And yes, clutter can be a potential safety hazard since it can cause trips and slips. So to prevent such unfortunate circumstances, keeping your home clean and clutter-free is an absolute must.
  • Maintain Adequate Lighting.
    For optimum safety even at night, it is vital to keep pathways, hallways, and stairways adequately lighted. This ensures that your senior folks see clutter or grooves on the floor to prevent trips or falls.
  • Make Rugs and Carpets Slip-Proof.
    Carpets and rugs can be slippery and can cause serious injuries. So to prevent slips and reduce safety hazards, attaching slip-proof stickers on rugs and carpets would be the best choice.
  • Provide Them Assistance.
    When your senior loved one is walking or getting up, give them a hand. Your support and assistance as they move, provide extra stability to prevent stumbles or falls that can result in injuries.

If you seek optimum safety for your seniors, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Angels Assisted Living, Inc. We provide our clients with a safe yet comfortable living environment. Plus, our caregivers can provide extra support and quality care, and even render homemaker services in Minnesota to ensure their comfort.

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