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Ensuring Safety Inside the Bathroom

ensuring-safety-inside-the-bathroomThe safety of your senior loved ones at home is part of caregiving. They are not exempted from falls or injuries at home. This is especially true in the bathroom.

Since the bathroom is usually wet, make sure that the floor rugs are non-slip the common practice in an assisted living facility. It is a very dangerous area of the home because it mostly contains hard surfaces like tile and stone. Even the toilet and bathtub are hard. One fall or slip will most likely injure a senior. So, install grab bars in the shower and on both sides of the toilet for additional support. A raised toilet seat will also prevent them from over-exerting.

Make sure that the lights are accessible for them and that every corner is well-lit, especially during the night since seniors urinate frequently. The bathroom should be free of clutter to avoid them accidentally stepping and slipping on something. The bathroom necessities should also be within their reach. It is also best to have someone assist them in the bathroom.

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