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Helping Residents Improve Their Mental Faculties


Aging can result in a variety of physical and behavioral issues. Dementia and other memory-related diseases are among the most common. There is no specific treatment for these illnesses. However, there are simple activities that can assist the elderly improve their brain function.

  • Keep the mind active
    Sudoku, puzzles, and problem solving are just a few of the brain-stimulating hobbies. Games with strategy, such as chess and scrabble, are also enjoyable. Furthermore, you can participate in these activities alongside your loved one in an assisted living facility.
  • Socialize with other senior residents
    Being among other people, especially carers, and having conversations is a type of mental exercise. Not to mention that it promotes mental health wellness and prevents sadness.
  • Be on top of physical well-being
    It is critical to maintaining one’s overall health. So, to maintain mental health, your elderly loved one must eat well and exercise often. Any provider of homemaker services in Minnesota would be pleased to assist seniors in devising mobility exercises and accompanying them through them.

Angels Assisted Living, Inc. is a prominent senior care provider. Housekeeping, medication administration, and personal care are among the services we provide. You can count on us to keep your elderly loved one secure.

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