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Making Meals More Interesting for Our Aging Residents


Aging adults often experience weight loss to the point of malnourishment. Their nutrient deficiency can be caused by a variety of things. Medication side effects, diminished appetite, dental problems, and depression are among the top culprits. All of these can result in a lack of interest in eating.

Angels Assisted Living, Inc. is a leading provider of senior care services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have dealt with malnourishment among our residents, and it led us to find creative ways of meal preparation. Ensuring that our residents eat properly is part of our services, and we don’t take it lightly.

Knowing that the residents in our assisted living facility have various underlying problems that may result in undernourishment, we have several tips for making better meals.

  • Make the plate colorful. Add vegetables and fruits to make it healthy.
  • Use healthy herbs and spices to add more flavor to each meal.
  • Follow recipes that address each person’s nutrient requirement.
  • Accompany seniors during meals to make them feel less alone.

The golden years should represent comfort and easier living. It should not be a burdensome experience for seniors and their family members. It is our mission to elevate the lives of our residents. We want to be the best in caring for them and ensuring their safety.

If you are looking for a facility that is of good reputation, you should contact us. We have a range of services to accommodate the needs of all our patients. We also offer homemaker services in Minnesota.

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