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Telltale Signs That It’s Time for Assisted Living


If given the chance, practically all of us would want to have our elderly loved ones nearby, right? However, there will come a time when living alone is no longer the best option for seniors. Wondering when the right time is to opt for an assisted living home? Allow us to help!

At Angels Assisted Living, Inc., a top-tier provider of senior care services in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we strive to increase seniors’ quality of life via our services. To accomplish so, we take great care in raising awareness of when services like ours should be sought.

Here are telltale signs that it’s time to consider an assisted living facility for your loved ones:

  • Deteriorating Health Conditions

    Seniors are more likely to acquire a chronic health condition with increasing age. With assisted living facilities, families can guarantee that their aging loved ones obtain sufficient elderly care that caters to their specific health needs.

  • Declining Hygiene Practices

    A visible decline in hygiene might imply that seniors are no longer capable of performing such tasks on their own. It is essential to provide them with the assistance they require. Otherwise, they are at a greater risk of contracting illnesses and infections.

  • Lack of Companionship

    Lonely seniors may experience various negative outcomes. In these situations, placing them in assisted living facilities may be a wise decision since being near peers can increase their engagement and socialization.

While it may initially be scary, you will soon find that assisted living facilities hold several advantages for seniors. To know more about this or our homemaker services in Minnesota, let’s get in touch!

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Eligibility for Senior Care

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